Lisbeth Salander (boobookittykcuf) wrote,
Lisbeth Salander

This journal is FRIENDS ONLY sorry! Comment to be added, but dont comment if you are judgemental, theres nothing i hate more than close minded people. I'm pretty open and love getting to know new people.

Forewarning, I post what I want. It's typically rants about my life, thoughts I can't express to the people I want, song lyrics and random posts about my obsessions. I am a huge Harry Potter nerd and I love it.

If you're easily offended don't bother, I don't sugar coat or censor my life. Mental illness and drug use are frequently mentioned.

*You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.*
Christine <3
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cheers. -hands you a bottle of vodka and a bong-

what decided to make you go friends only?
thanks :-) *shares vodka and pot* :-D I just dont want any gay people from boro like shellie finding it. plus i had been planning on doing to for awhile i just finally stop being lazy and did it.


12 years ago


12 years ago

lol, so I had been wondering why u wanted me to add you and blah blah blah, then I was reading ur journal n I think took it right but ur into girls too...ROCK ON

Deleted comment

thats awesome...where is your girlfriend from?...


12 years ago


12 years ago

hey.. forsure you can add me. i'll add ya too :D.. i'm sorry i dont really use this a lot. heh.. i have a blurty.. anywho ttyl.
hey! luv ur journal, thanks for suggesting i start one! six more days til school ends. fuck yeah! about time...lesbians rock! ;)
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Hey asshole, it's Sam..if you don't remember me I'll smack you..HARD. Lol. Add me. >/
Just wanted to tell you I love your username (Jay and Silent Bob, right?)
Hey--add me por favor--yeah why that was spanish I have no idea ha. later.
may I be added? I dont really knwo you, but still may I? My name is Emma, I`m 17 and from GA...I use to go to the SI boards and stu on aol beore I lost it, I think you used to or still do go to it.

Its me wiccanotwicked at my new journal.

Fancy adding me again?
of course, you're freaking awesome :-)


June 9 2006, 23:41:34 UTC 10 years ago

Hrm I guess you gotta add me too somehow...cause I cant read anything you wrote. That is, if you want me to read it :)
Cheers girl
Clarice loves you.
H forever xxx
Shit it's me....I didnt realise it was on anonymous. Sorry XD
hmm, weird. it says your on my friends list. i know i wouldnt delete you. Thats odd.
When were you at Carrier Clinic?
august 2002, and october 2002
i didn't start going till 2004
hey biotch add me if you want..<3lots Sara
Hi, i don't know you but would you mind if i added you? i like your profile pg and noticed we have some things in common. =)
hey not at all, I love meeting new people. I added you.
im bi polar and addicted to rock star energy drinks as well. YOU SHOULD ADD ME AS A FRIEND FOR REALZ.
hey sorry ive been in a program for awhile ill definitely add you I wont be on much for a few months. Thanks for the add